Band Supplies
All students will need to purchase the Essential Elements band book. 

Flute - Silk cleaning swab
Clarinet - Silk cleaning swab, cork grease, about 5-10 (clarinet) RICO reeds size 2
Alto Saxophone - Silk cleaning swab, cork grease, about 5-10 (alto saxophone) RICO reeds size 2
Trumpet - Valve oil, slide grease
Trombone - Slide oil
Percussion - Drums sticks and bell mallets will be included in the snare drum/bell kit. You might consider purchasing a drum practice pad to use in lieu of the snare drum.

**You can purchase all of these materials at the local music stores, Staffords or Woodalls.

What to bring to class?
All students need to come to class prepared with their instrument, band book, music folder, and a pencil.

Students in the 4th grade will have the opportunity to learn music through the use of recorders. This class will help students easily transition into an instrumental band program in 5th grade as we learn the basics of note reading, rhythm, and correct hand placement which is standard to many instruments in the band, such as the saxophone, clarinet and flute.
*Each student will need to bring $2 to class to purchase a recorder for them to use throughout the year. Sheet music will be provided for each student to use.