Weekly Newsletter

Weekly Newsletter:

Every week there is a newsletter to list out the SOLs and objectives that we will be working on in both Language Arts (grammar, reading, and spelling). As well as if I have your child for math, their SOLs will be on here as well.

Weekly Green Folder/signed work:

Students have a lime green folder that is sent home on Monday of every week. There is two sides that I place work in. The work on the left side of the green folder is stamped and needs to be signed and returned to school. The right side is work that your student has completed for that particular week, and should be removed every week before sending back on Tuesday.

This is an assignment for students; therefore if they do not return it on Tuesday they will receive a demerit (or pull a card - for younger grades). 


This is where I will also post anything important such as events and projects that are due. Please make sure to check the weekly page for any updates at the beginning of the week!